PostHeaderIcon Bikinis, Confidence And Your Business

By Terez Howard

My family went on vacation earlier this month at Virginia Beach.  We’ve never been there before.

Personally, I was shocked at the number of bikinis that dotted this family resort area.  Women of all shapes and sizes donned bikinis.  These swimsuits were not limited to the beach area.  People wore them in restaurants, on boat rides, through the hotel and when shopping.  If you weren’t in your bikini, like you were actually wearing clothing, you stood out.

Some women must have weighed more than 300 pounds and had no qualms about showing their skin.  They confidently basked in the sun.

That got me thinking about business.  A business owner has to be confident with the product or service she offers.  She knows that even if it is a bit out of the ordinary or strange, she will confidently present her product or service to the public.

Don’t convince yourself that you are inferior, especially if you’re doing your best to run an honest business.  No, don’t be shy in your bikini.

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