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By Terez Howard

About a month ago, my husband and I took our daughter to American Girl Place in Manhattan.  I remember pining over those dolls when I was child.  I never got one because they were far too expensive.  Now, my little girl has her very own little doll.

I’d never been to the store before.  It’s not just about the dolls, which come in a range of colors and hair textures.  American Girl has everything for the dolls, from a Sabbath set to a hammock to retainers (yes, for the doll’s teeth!).

And yet, every little doodad in that store is overpriced.  The quality of the dolls and their little accessories is not worth that much money.  I’d say it’s one step up from dollar store quality.

But, it’s not about quality.  It’s about the experience, so I’ve been told.  And yes, my family had a great experience.  Micah got pictures with her Bitty Baby and ate a meal with her little Micah.  (She named the doll after herself).  It was fun.

It is original

I don’t know of any other store in the country like it.  American Girl has cornered the market on originality.  So even though I don’t agree with the company’s super high prices, I will buy from them.  There’s nothing like it.

That originality is something every business should strive to achieve.  As a writer, I’m still searching to corner my own slice of originality.

If a business has something that distinguishes it apart from others, customers will flock to it because it’s novel.  Sure, I could have gotten my daughter a dollar store doll and little bath tub.  But the dollar store doesn’t have a portrait studio or restaurant.

It’s all about the experience.  It’s original.

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