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By Jael Strong

“Are we there yet?”

“No.  We have quite a bit to go.”

Flash forward five minutes.  “Are we there yet?”

“Nope.  Not there yet.”

Another five minutes pass.  “Are we there yet?”

“No.  We aren’t even close.”

This may sound like an interchange between an anxious seven year old and her parents, but in reality, it’s the inner dialogue of an anxious entrepreneur.   In our great desire to see our dreams achieved, we often suffer from intense anxiety to see that dream accomplished.  Of course, how long it takes to achieve our entrepreneurial goals has much to do with us, and just like a literal journey, there are many choices as to how we get to our destination. You could:

Take a jet.  This can be a very satisfying choice.  Making a list of business goals and then setting fast-paced deadlines can help you to achieve your goals earlier, but you are also more likely to face disappointment as you see unaccomplished deadlines pass you by.  Don’t take the jet unless your are sure you won’t hit much in the way of turbulence.

Take a car.  This middle of the road approach won’t get you anywhere fast, but it is a nice middle of the road approach.  Taking the time to map out your course, noting possible detours along the way, and setting a reasonable pace will probably ultimately save you time and money.  And you won’t have to suffer through watching deadlines pass you by.

Walk.  This is not recommended for the impatient.  You aren’t likely to suffer many setbacks if you set deadlines that provide sufficient time for accomplishment.  On the other hand, you may get frustrated watching others pass you by at breakneck speeds.

No matter how fast paced you decide to approach your goals, the important thing is that you do set goals and deadlines along the path in your journey to your destination.   Knowing where you want to go and where to start from is nothing if you don’t know how you will get from one place to the other.  So select your mode of transportation and get going!

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Jael Strong is a writer for TheWriteBloggers, a company dedicated to creating professional blogging content for increased internet visibility.

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