PostHeaderIcon The Twenty Minute Creativity Project: That Is Exactly Right, Rehashed

By Jael Strong

“The Twenty Minute Creativity Project” is a weekly challenge designed to spur creative approaches to every day obstacles.

Week Eighteen Challenge:  In twenty minutes, write a piece of fiction based upon a prompt randomly snatched from a stack of possible prompts.  The piece of fiction should be exactly 300 words.

Prompt:  West End (Start the timer!)

Each morning, Billy Morton, who lives on the north end of town, wakes up one hour and forty-seven minutes earlier than necessary.  He pets his dog , eats breakfast, brushes his teeth, takes his shower, and locks his door as he leaves his house at three minutes after seven.

Billy drives for thirty minutes with a smile smothering his otherwise grim disposition contemplating the bliss that awaits him at the west end of town.  The journey is silent except for the squeaking wobbling joints of his car, but Billy clicks along to the music in his head.

By seven thirty-eight, Billy is in line at the coffee shop at the west end of town.  While many of the men spend the ten minute wait thinking about the beautiful girl  who hands them their coffee cup, Billy isn’t thinking of her at all.  His mind is still singing along to the soundtrack in his mind.

At seven forty-eight, Billy sits at his table, sipping his coffee as he waits for five minutes to pass.  The seconds tick horribly along to the beat in Billy’s head and then, in slow motion, Lucinda strides in.

Lucinda, whom he had met by chance months earlier when he had lost his way and came to this coffee shop for directions, doesn’t remember that Billy had accidentally collided with her, spilling her coffee onto her sundress.  She doesn’t remember Billy at all.  But each morning, Billy Morton, who lives on the north end of town, wakes up one hour and forty-seven minutes earlier than necessary to see Lucinda for twenty-five minutes before he drives thirty minutes back to his office on the north end of town, only to arrive twelve minutes early, the two minutes allotted for eye contact and casual conversation not used at all.

My blurb:  Have a suggestion for a creativity challenge?  Please, feel free to forward it to me!

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