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By Terez Howard

As I mentioned on Wednesday, Freelance Writing Mamas is undergoing some major changes.  First off, we’ve done away with Thursday’s Creativity Challenge and Friday’s What I Learned From My Toddler.

Our new direction is: how freelance writers can get regular, good-paying work.  Rather than just talk about what businesses and writers can do to find clients, Jael and I are going to take part in monthly challenges.

This means that during one month, we will take part in a vigorous campaign to get at least one new client.  Throughout the month, you will learn specific details on how to do it, how it has proven successful to others and how it works for us.

This month’s challenge: Send out 100 cold e-mails to people in our target market.  (For those with less time, try to send out 50).

Goals: Get a 25 percent response rate and one new client.

Why cold e-mailing? This method has proven effective to other freelance writers and business professionals.  We plan to use it to not only get a new client, but to get people familiar with who we are.  Notice that one of our goals is to get a 25 percent response.  We want people to care enough about what we wrote in our e-mail to respond to us in some way.  This will get people remembering who we are and what we do.

Who will we target? Come back Wednesday to find out!

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