PostHeaderIcon Seven Questions For Jill Konrath: Conquering Cold E-mailing

By Jael Strong
Jael:  Tell me a little about what you do.
Jill:  [I am] a sales strategist, author and speaker. I help sellers crack into new accounts, speed up their sales cycle and win bigger contracts.
Jael:   Do you currently use cold emails to reach potential clients?
Jill:  Absolutely. For many people, it’s the easiest way to reach them. Plus, it’s the preferred method of communications for others. 
Jael:   How successful do you find cold e-mailing to be? 
Jill: It depends entirely on subject line and the quality/length of the message. If it’s all about you, your company, your service, it will be deleted in a nanosecond. In fact, research shows that the average person takes 2.7 seconds to decide if they will read, delete or forward. 

Jael:   What items would you definitely include in a cold e-mail?
Jill:   –A subject line that was focused on their needs.
          – An initial sentence that would show I’m a credible resource. It might say something like [this] to start it off.
  “In researching your business…” 
 ” In working with other marketing companies …”
 ” Susie Jones suggested I get in touch with you …”
          – A statement about the type of outcomes they might get from working with me.
          – Perhaps a link to an informative resource.    
          – A suggestion to have a conversation. 
          – My SIG file

Jael:  What do you dislike about cold e-mailing?
Jill:  Not knowing what happens on the other end. Did they read it? How long did the spend on it? Did they click on the link? 
(Note: their are email programs that can give you this info. Very helpful)
Jael:   What do you like about it?
Jill:  Email cold-calling gets faster results than cold calling on the phone. It’s easier for someone to write back, “I’m interested” than calling you.

Jael:  What tips would you give to freelancers looking to give cold e-mailing a try?
Jill:READ YOUR EMAIL AS IF YOU WERE YOUR PROSPECT. If it’s all about you, your talents, skills, work — Boring! DELETE.  Make it interesting to them. Pique their curiosity. Make them say, “Mmmm. That’s interesting. I’d like to learn more.”
Jael:  A big “thank you” to Jill Konrath for sharing her insights on how to break into cold e-mailing!  Check out Jill Konrath’s blog here, and gain more valuable insights.
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