PostHeaderIcon Keeping The Record Straight: How We Do It

by Jael Strong

In any operation, organization is key.  So, in our endeavors to reach as many as possible through cold e-mailing, Terez and I had to develop a game plan and a way to keep track of our progress.  Overlapping contacts would be,  at best, an irritation to those to whom we are trying to reach out.  Even worse than that, we would come across as disorganized, a quality not looked for in freelance writers.

Our system really requires personal accountability.  First, we keep each other informed of the different types of instituations that we are planning on contacting.  Then, after we have sent an e-mail, we add the company name to a master list to which we both have access.  The list is alphabetized so that we can easily see if we are attempting contact with the same company.  Checking list before making a contact is necesary if we think that there is a possibility of conflict.

We each are responsiblity for keeping track of responses to any of our e-mails.  And, of course, we each take charge of our individual needs for follow-up, keeping each other posted along the way.

The system is simple, but it helps us keep on track and organized.  What great ideas do you utilize when it comes to keeping your freelancing endeavors organized?

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