PostHeaderIcon Frosted Good Stuff: Adventures In Cold E-mailing

by Jael Strong

Here we are one week from the final day of our cold e-mailing campaign.  And where do we stand?  We have sent out 115 cold e-mails and received a response from ten of our recipients.  This represents a response rate of nearly nine percent.  Will we reach our goal of a twenty-five percent response rate? Time will tell, but the numbers are not promising. 

What have we accomplished?  For one thing, as Terez noted last week, we are gaining exposure.  Additionally, a few of the responses we have received have been positive to one degree or another.  There are those who are interested in a professional writer, but are not able to pay.  Some have writers, but are keeping our information on record in case a need arises in the future.  Another requested that Terez submit any story ideas through their official process. 

As we push forward through the final week of our challenge, I am hopeful.  There are more e-mails to be sent and hopefully there will be more responses to tally.  In any case, it’s been a great adventure thus far!

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