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By Terez Howard

When Jael and I first started cold e-mailing, we decided that we would send a follow-up e-mail to every business who did not opt out of our e-mails.  As our month of cold e-mailing ends, we questioned whether this would be the best course to take.

To follow up

This is when you should definitely follow up a cold e-mail:

  • You have been introduced to the person that you are e-mailing before you sent that initial cold e-mail, a reasonable amount of time has passed and you want to remind him of your available services.
  • A business expressed interest in using your services in the future.  Time has passed, and you want to see if the future is now.

To not follow up

You should not follow up a cold e-mail when:

  • You would be perceived as a nuisance because you just sent your first cold e-mail a few days ago.
  • You have never met the person you’re e-mailing.  He may not have responded the first time for a reason.  He is not interested!

Which one?

We chose to not follow up on our cold e-mails this month because we don’t know the people that received them, and we figure that if they wanted our services, they would have responded.  I think if we knew our potential clients more, like we had met them in person or via the Internet prior to the first cold e-mail, a follow-up would not be a bad idea.  But in this instance, one cold e-mail is enough.

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