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By Terez Howard

I was excited to get to interview Laura Sherman, a writer with an interesting background.  I met her through the LinkedIn group Bloggers Helping Bloggers.  She’s a wonderful supporter of bloggers needing advice.

Tell me a little about what you do.

Laura: I’m a freelance writer and chess coach!  I teach children of all ages to play chess and am working on a book to teach parents how to teach their children to play.  I was a strong tournament chess player in my youth (one of the top 50 women players in the US ), so when I started having children I became very interested in teaching them.  That grew to teaching their classmates.  We now have 50 students in 5 schools around the area!

As a freelance writer I help people with their writing projects.  I have seven clients now.  I’m working on several novels, a few nonfiction pieces and articles and newsletters on many topics.  It has been busy lately!

Terez: What is your foremost goal when you comment on other people’s blogs?

Laura: When I comment on a blog, I feel it is very important to leave a genuine comment.  “Nice article” isn’t terribly helpful to the blogger (although the positive feedback is nice).  I prefer to engage in a conversation and create an interesting dialogue for other readers.

Terez: There definitely are some rules when it comes to blog commenting.  What would you say are the three biggest don’ts?

Laura: Don’t promote your own business.  You’re there to support this blogger and your name will be attached to your website.  If you leave a thoughtful comment, people will click through.

Don’t engage in a debate unless you know the blogger is ok with it.  Personally I don’t mind debates and rather enjoy them (as long as the person is polite), but most would feel slighted.

Don’t write poorly.  Your writing is your calling card and is often an introduction to who you are.  Make sure to spell check and re-read the comment before you hit send!

Terez: Are there specific blogs that you try to comment on?  If so, what are they?

Laura: I comment on blogs that fall in my interest zone.  Blogs about parenting, writing, creativity, social media, small businesses and art are a few I especially enjoy.

Terez: What would be your three top tips to give freelancer writers when they engage in blog commenting?

Laura: Make sure that your writing is top notch.  If your comment is poorly written, it will turn people away from hiring you.

Try to incorporate tips from your personal experience that will help the blogger (or fellow commenters).  Without promoting, you can still tell stories that will illustrate your point.

Support the blogger through your comments.  Encourage them to write more and to continue on their path.

Terez: Tell everyone about the LinkedIn group you started, Bloggers Helping Bloggers.  It’s my favorite group!

Laura: That’s great!  Wow, I’m honored.  Bloggers Helping Bloggers is a subgroup of the Blog Zone.  I asked Mike, the founder of Blog Zone, if I could try to pull people together from his group for an experiment.  I wanted to see if we could, as a group, find ways to help one another.  One of the ideas, one that finally took root after various tries, has been working well.  Various group members comment on each others’ blog articles during a given time period.  We take turn posting a link and describing the article, inviting comments.  Then we each visit one another’s blogs and post comments, sometimes getting into fascinating discussions.  It really is a lot of fun!

The group has really expanded and I enjoy working with my fellow bloggers.

Terez: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Laura: Thank you for taking the time to interview me!  I would love to invite folks to visit my blogs: and  Also you can always email me at if you have any questions or need any help!

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  • Terez, I met Laura through the LinkedIn group Bloggers Helping Bloggers too. Laura has excellent advice for bloggers and she practices everything she suggests here. Thanks for a great interview!

  • What a terrific interview. Laura is a smart and confident person and man does that show through in the written word. I liked her the moment she opened her mouth. and this post was serendipitous too. I included a link to this post on because it seemed so appropriate. Have a look. Man I love the social Web. So much cross-pollination. Thank you Terez for a wonderful post. Laura’s thoughts on how to and why to post comments was such a unique perspective. Love the making sure my kind of comment is aligned with the blogger’s commenting tone was gold!

  • Thank you Sherryl and Scott! I appreciate your incredibly supportive comments on this interview.

    And thank you Terez for asking me to be a part of your thriving blog. It is a true honor!

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