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By Terez Howard

You want to comment on blogs to establish relationships with other bloggers.  But which bloggers?

The Internet is a vast space.  How do you decide which blogs to comment on?

They interest you

It’s that simple.  If you’re not interested in a blogger’s topic, you will find commenting to be drudgery.  I enjoy reading about other freelance writers, what they do and how they make a career out of freelance writing.  Commenting on their blogs comes with ease.  We share something in common.

You should make sure that it’s the same for the blogs that receive comments from you.  If you want to learn about a topic or share your personal experiences, then it is the blog for you!

So, one type of blog I want to comment on are those that discuss freelance writing.  Last I checked, that niche was pretty well stocked!  What do I do?

I comment on blogs from people that I have met via networks, like LinkedIn and Twitter, and believe it or not, from people who have commented on my blog.  One blogger commented on one of my posts, and I decided to check him out.  I look forward to his insightful posts every week!

Other blogs worthy of comments?

Blogs where your target market congregates!

Your potential customers are reading posts, commenting and reading comments.  They might read your intriguing comments and click on your link.

I’ve had a most difficult time with my target market because I feel I want to write on a host of topics.  I’m a professional blogger, and I like to cater to small business owners.  If you’re thinking, “That market’s huge,” you are correct.

I honed down this market to my top five topics.  My favorites have to do with family, mothers, women, natural hair and women in business.  I will be visiting those niche blogs.

If you’re having trouble figuring out your target market, write a list of your favorite topics to read and write about.  Think about the services that you offer and the types of blogs your potential clients would visit.  Be honest with yourself.  If you find your list growing, rate your favorites and stick to your top five or three.  Then, get to reading and commenting!

About the author

Terez Howard operates TheWriteBloggers, a professional blogging service which builds clients’ authority status and net visibility.

7 Responses to “Blog Commenting – How To Find Worthy Blogs To Comment On”

  • Paul Novak says:

    Nice to see someone else paying attention to the heart of blogging now and then Terez. We get so caught up in promoting and writing we seem to forget the enjoyment factor. It seems its that way with just about everything these days, if it’s popular, it becomes overexposed.

    BTW. I’m honored you enjoy my posts. Thank you.

  • thoward says:

    I figure that if I’m not into a blog, why should I spend the time trying to come up with a lame-o comment? Just for the backlink? It’s not fair to the blogger. It’s not fair to me! I prefer to keep it real.

  • I feel the same way about leaving comments that you do Terez. Occasionally, I’ll follow a link from a comment that someone has left on my blog and I’ll try to comment if I can add value to the conversation but there are certain blogs that I gravitate to. Just like in real life, there are people that I just connect to. When that happens, it’s fun. The blogs that I participate on seem to share a common thread with me and that is adding our little areas of expertise to help each other.

    Thanks for the post. BTW – I found you through Paul’s retweet of this article. 🙂

  • thoward says:

    Thanks for your insights, Sherryl. When I first started blogging, I tried leaving comments to every blog that related to my niche and industry. That didn’t go well because let’s face it. Some blogs are no good. I stick with the ones that just feel right to me.

  • Good advice, Terez. I only comment where I can add value because I’m knowledgeable about the subject and I feel the article is well written. I have problems blogging on sites that are totally unrelated to my personal and business lives.

  • thoward says:

    Jeannette, That’s exactly how I feel. If I don’t have anything worthwhile to say, I don’t say anything at all. Why give a junk comment?

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