PostHeaderIcon A Spoonful Of Advice: Show What You Know In Your Cold E-mailing Campaign

by Jael Strong

No, I’m not talking about bragging!  Business people are daily bombarded with requests and marketing ventures.  How can you stand out amidst the clatter if you don’t tell prospective clients what you can offer that others do not?

This might seem like a no-brainer to some, but in our efforts to reach out to as many people as possible we, we may get into the habit of quickly composing generic e-mails that do not highlight how we can connect with the particular individuals to whom we are writing. 

To that end, recently I have been reaching out to music businesses.  What can I offer that other writers may not be able to offer? I have a back ground in music, both as a performer and educator. Briefly mentioning these qualifications to potential clients helps to build a connection and has increased the likelihood of a positive response.

Point to ponder:  What can you offer that sets you apart from other freelance writers?

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Jael Strong is a writer for TheWriteBloggers, a company dedicated to creating professional blogging content for increased internet visibility.

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