PostHeaderIcon A Spoonful Of Advice: Keep Those Comments Brief

By Jael Strong

Blog commenting is a way to connect with other writers and other readers.  Just like in every day conversation, we don’t want to hog the stage.  Commenting isn’t just about what we say, but it is also about how much we say.  If we aren’t careful, we may alienate others and some may stop reading half way through simply because we had way too much to say!

So how much is too much?  There are no hard and fast rules.  On the other hand, if your comment is so lengthy that it could be a substantial blog post all by itself, then it is probably too long.  In fact, that’s a great idea.  If a post gives you a lot to think about and a lot to say, respond by blogging about it!

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Jael Strong is a writer for TheWriteBloggers, a company dedicated to creating professional blogging content for increased internet visibility.

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