PostHeaderIcon A Beginner’s Guide To Blog Commenting

By Jael Strong

Because the internet is an ever-changing place, negotiating the ins and outs of what should be simple tasks can be daunting.  Last week, Terez pointed out how to decide which blogs are comment-worthy.    But is there a right way to comment on a blog?  Absolutely!

  • Read before you comment!  Don’t just skim.  This means that blog commenting does take time.  You don’t want to leave a nonsensical comment simply because you didn’t take the time to read.
  • Leave a thought provoking comment or follow-up question.  Leaving two word comments or simply advertising for your business is a sure way to alienate others. Remember, contribute to the flow of the conversation.  By doing so, you become part of the community, not an disruptive outsider!
  • Check back.  Yes, this takes time.  However, many blogs have a box that can be checked that will allow all follow-up comments to be sent to your e-mail.  A meaningful connection can be formed if you continue as part of the conversation. 
  • Be honest and sincere.  Don’t simply try to flatter the blogger.  Giving praise has its place, but people can sense it when your simply trying to get in their good graces.
  • Be courteous to other commenters.  Everybody has the right to express their thoughts.  Read and respond accordingly.

These are just a few “dos” when it comes to blog commenting.  What would you include as an absolute must when it comes to blog commenting?

About the Author
Jael Strong is a writer for TheWriteBloggers, a company dedicated to creating professional blogging content for increased internet visibility.

2 Responses to “A Beginner’s Guide To Blog Commenting”

  • Very well written and straight to the point with this list here Jael. I agree with them all (especially about being sincere) and furthermore I’d add that it’s a great idea to induce conversation/comments on the comments of others in the strand. Like you said, this is about building community, and not just with the blogger, but with all the readers as well.

  • jstrong says:

    Absolutely! Commenting is so similar to face-to-face interaction. Everybody wants to be and should be included in the conversation.

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