PostHeaderIcon How About A Round Of Guest Blogging?

By Terez Howard

It’s a new month, which means it’s a new challenge.  Jael and I agreed that helping other bloggers, like we did with last month’s blog commenting challenge, proved fruitful.  We learned from more experienced bloggers, and we initiated some hopefully lasting relationships.

We are continuing that theme with a new challenge:

Guest posting

The November and December challenge: Yes, this challenge will last two months.  We each would like to see five (that’s 10 total) of our original blog posts published on other people’s blogs.

Goal: Reach out.  We want to share our expertise with others, help other bloggers with new content from a different perspective and build relationships with other bloggers and members of their audience.

Personally, I’ve done guest blogging and believe in the benefits of giving away useful information to people thirsting for it.

In addition, a blogger gets to sharpen her writing skills and possibly write in a tone entirely different from the one heard on her blog.  She gets to show her versatile writing abilities, an exciting challenge for a growing blogger.

What you can expect: Throughout November and December, you can follow our journey through the world of guest blogging, successes, mistakes and learning experiences.  Also, look out for some guest bloggers and interviews on Thursdays here.

Join in the fun, and post what you know about guest blogging.

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