PostHeaderIcon My 2-year-old Imparts Wisdom

By Terez Howard

I reprimanded her for playing during breakfast . She stood one minute in the naughty corner when she continued with her antics. After she climbed back into her booster seat, I scolded her again for her behavior. Her reaction? A fat, frowny lip and “I want you to talk nicely.”

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. She didn’t know whether to join in or let her tears erupt. I calmly said, “OK,” and hugged and kissed her, telling her that I just wanted her to eat her food. And we thought Food Wars were over.

I am an impatient person by nature. So when Micah doesn’t do what I tell her to do and now, I feel my blood pressure rising. We want our children to do as their told since our rules are for their good. But when they don’t respond, we mothers have to try to keep it cool. A peaceful environment makes for a happy child and, most times, a more cooperative kid.

It goes farther than that. Patience is a virtue. In the business world, you might have to exercise it if you encounter a demanding, never to be satisfied client or a confrontational commenter. You probably want to tell them what for. And what good would that be? In both instances, an insulting disposition will not only lose potential customers but will lose respect.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t stick up for yourself. By all means, take a stand. But do it with respect. People don’t deserve sentences peppered with four-letter expletives, even if they started it. Remember, you have an image to maintain. Do you really want to be known as the writer who can’t take the heat?

After I talked nicely to my daughter, she started taking spoonfuls of oatmeal. A Bible proverb says, “An answer when mild turns away rage.” Your expressions can diffuse an explosive situation. My 2-year-old told me so!

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2 Responses to “My 2-year-old Imparts Wisdom”

  • Teresa Taylor says:

    I love the way you tell a story. Perhaps I’m partial, however the things we experience in life can be a lesson well learned, and that is what you portray in your writings. And if we take the time to apply these lessons in life we can become a more rounded individual, one who others are drawn to. To say the least, I believe that you would be an outstanding writer of children’s books (SMILE).

  • Terez says:

    Thanks. I think that everything we experience in life can become a learning experience. And perhaps I’ll write a children’s book… some day!

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