PostHeaderIcon Guest Posting: Who Ya Gonna Call?

By Jael Strong

I know it’s corny, but that’s the title that stuck with me!  Anyway, the question is:  Who should you contact when attempting to guest post?  Here is my answer:  Everyone!

Okay, realistically we can’t contact everyone and  we have to have a place to start.  So, ask yourself some questions and start making a list.  Who do you know already in the blogging community that you would want to ask?  If you feel a bit apprehensive, who do you feel comfortable asking?  About which topics do you feel confident writing? About which topics do you feel passionate?  By now, you should have a fairly substantial list from which to work.

As Terez pointed out yesterday in her post, we don’t guest post for the money.  That fact is liberating.  You can easily start in your comfort zone which is reassuring for many writers.  Also, you can choose to queary bloggers that already write about topics that intrigue you.  If you hold a degree of expertise in a particular field, logically that would be a great field about which to write.  You are not restrained by financial considerations.  Write for individuals and about topics that you want to write about! 

As you delve deeper into guest posting, populating a list of blogs for which you would like to write will because much easier.  There really is no one off limits or out of reach.  There is no harm in asking anyone for whom you want to write.  Above all, have fun with this writing opportunity!

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Jael Strong is a writer for TheWriteBloggers, a company dedicated to creating professional blogging content for increased internet visibility.

2 Responses to “Guest Posting: Who Ya Gonna Call?”

  • Paul Novak says:

    Very true. Ask all of em!

    A lot of bloggers welcome the chance to let someone else give them a break now and then as well, so it’s often simply a matter of timing. It probably doesnt hurt to mention that you’re available for requests should they need it.

  • Jael Strong says:

    Absolutely! Putting yourself out there as available is the best way to get a guest post gig.

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