PostHeaderIcon I Can’t Stand To See A Shoeless Child

By Terez Howard

I don’t care if it’s the dead of winter or the heat of summer. I cannot stand to see a baby without shoes. Anyone else share my sentiments?

I know that experts say that little feet are best left barefoot to allow their feet to grow in an unrestricted environment. I agree that when infants are at home, their feet should be allowed to breathe. But every time I took my daughter out as an infant, she had something on her feet, booties, shoes, something.

Maybe I’m a casualty to fashion or clever marketing or the cuteness of everything tiny. Those points aside I believe it’s just common sense to have something warm on a baby’s foot, especially during cold winter months. As much as 30 percent of a person’s body heat escapes through the hands and feet. Protect little feet with something, and no, socks are not enough.

Would you consider trudging in the snow without shoes? Of course not. But you reason that you are walking in frigid temperatures, while babies never set foot in the snow. What about handicapped people in wheelchairs? They are not about to get up and walk around in snowy weather. You still see shoes on their feet.

My shoe store of choice

My absolute favorite children’s shoe store is Stride Rite. Even though this company says that barefoot is best for growing infant feet, they acknowledge that barefoot is not always an option. I’m particularly drawn to Stride Rite shoes’ flexibility for younger babies, the durability for rambunctious toddlers and the all around high quality, which you pay for with a high price tags. Expect to pay around $30 to $50 for a pair of shoes for a six-month-old. Store sales and outlet shops can cut that price in half, though.

Maybe I’m biased to Stride Rite because my mother always put them on me. All I ever heard in my house was how there was no other option for little shoes but ones that bore the Stride Rite insignia. My 2-year-old does not exclusively wear Stride Rites. I’m not that narrow-minded to think they are the only company that produces high quality shoes. Her shoes that she wears most often, however, are Stride Rite.

Sure, I don’t know if her feet are truly better off in Stride Rite than in Wal-Mart brand shoes. I really have no way of comparing. I do know that, in general, you get what you pay for. I think I get the best.

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