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By Jael Strong
I had the opportunity to speak with Gerald Weber, an entrepreneur in the world of internet marketing.  I would like to thank Mr. Weber for sharing his insights with us.
Jael:  Mr. Weber, tell us a little about yourself.
Mr. Weber:  I am founder of Search Engine Marketing Group, an SEO/SEM company located in Houston, TX. I do natural search SEO and SEM (pay per click via Adwords campaigns) for small to mid- sized business owners. I am also co-founder of (an SEO and internet marketing community) and a moderator at For fun I engage in blogging, social media and skydiving.
Jael Strong:  It sounds like you have a very active life!  For those who are skeptical about the value of guest posting, why would you recommend it?
Mr. Weber:  While many people focus on the link building aspect of guest posting (it’s true that this is an obvious benefit), the most benefit I have personally gotten from guest posting is the ability to position myself as an expert.  Also the networking benefits are extremely powerful, but please remember there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.  For those that are still skeptical about the benefits of guest posting, check out The 7 Reasons Every Blogger Should Be Guest Posting.
Jael Strong:  What about posting for free?  Is that really beneficial?
Mr. Weber:  Receiving free “quality content” for the blog host (owner) is clearly a benefit, assuming the post is “quality” of course. Bloggers should have certain quality guidelines in place ( i.e. number of words per article, whether or not links in the body are ok, etc.).   Keep in mind sometimes it’s best to just say no, if you receive a guest post that does not meet your quality guidelines.
Also, the blogger guest posting benefits by gaining exposure to a new audience. This is what makes guest blogging so awesome. It’s a win/win proposition for both the guest blogger and the host.
Jael Strong:    How would you go about approaching another writer regarding a guest post?
Mr. Weber:  Basically, just ask. Once you identify a blog that you feel would be a good fit, simply contact the blog owner either via email, or if you are contact in other social media circle (i.e. Twitter, etc.) use that avenue.  This might actually be a better way to ask because you are already contacts.  
Jael:  What are some practices that you would absolutely avoid when it comes to guest posting? 
Mr. Weber:  I should warn people about sending out form guest blog requests that aren’t very personal and look like they have been sent to 100s of people. (i.e. Dear Admin or Dear blog owner, etc.)  This is sure to [irritate] people and you will come across as a spammer.
There is one other thing. If you write an extremely short post with lots of links back to your site or project, and lots of typos with nothing really of value to add in your content, this comes across as an obvious quick link grab. This is something that is sure to [anger] people and give you a reputation as someone who abuses the concept of guest blogging. Please don’t do this.
Jael Strong:  Finally, what is the best tip that you would like to share with those starting out in the world of guest posting?
Mr. Weber:  When you write your guest posts you should go out of your way to make your post extraordinary. The reason why is that you are wanting to add real value for the blog host (owner) so that he will be happy to have you back in the future.  Howeve, more importantly, you are exposing yourself, your content and brand to a COMPLETELY NEW audience. (This is the most powerful aspect of guest blogging when it comes to building your reputation and your brand online). Make it count! Make your post extraordinary and people won’t forget you. Also, you will gain many new subscribers and you will come across as an expert without having to say it!
Jael:  Thank you so much for your thoughts, and for motivating us to take advantage of this aspect of the online writing world. 
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