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By Terez Howard

I wrote following column, “Tresses tell the story,” in The Weirton Daily Times.  It was published on Friday, Feb. 17, 2006

A blueprint may be defined as a detailed plan of action. The word conjures in my mind a comprehensive prototype for a structure intending to be built.

Oftentimes, the blood is thought of as an outline of what is going on inside the body. Blood measures an individual’s cholesterol, hemoglobin levels and many other parameters while in an acute stage of stress. Yet, the blood changes daily due to one’s food intake and emotions.

Because of these changes and other factors, an abnormal blood test result may not denote a problem, according to Amarillo Medical Specialists. In addition, the blood may not reveal a disease or disorder in its early stages.

A hair analysis, however, can reveal an illness before it shows up in one’s blood. Teeth and nails, too, may open patients’ eyes to the source of a sickness prior to the onset of certain symptoms. But most are not too keen on knocking out a tooth or chiseling away their nails.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the wonders of the hair analysis from my husband’s Manhattan-based medical doctor. A hair analysis measures the mineral content in the hair. Why test minerals?

Dr. Paul Eck, a leading proponent of hair analysis, called minerals the “sparkplugs” of life since they are involved in a great deal of enzyme reactions. Without enzyme activity, life ends.

The Web site, which is dedicated to educating people in healing the whole body, explains that hair analysis allows people to keep a watchful eye on the own body’s metabolism and to be able to understand the inner workings of the body.

I compare a hair analysis to the true blueprint of the body, which may be used to build optimal health. The process starts in finding mineral deficiencies and imbalances.

The Web site cited above said mineral imbalances may result from various physical and emotional problems, such as improper nutritional intake, medications and stress as well as several other factors. A hair analysis can tell a person which supplements and diet are most beneficial, being tailored to an individual’s body chemistry.

Obviously, the foods we eat play a major role in our health. Physicians admit nutrition contributes to one’s physical well-being in the present as well as the future and may help or hinder cognitive activities. In my opinion, it’s only sensible to recognize the advantages of a proper diet. Additionally, a hair analysis can help a patient locate which foods are of greatest value.

Yet, several doctors slap the hair analysis in the face, claiming that hair metals cannot help a physician prescribe treatment. They assert that a hair analysis alone cannot be used to decide a course of action. It is said some hair laboratories have not validated their analytical techniques by checking them against standard reference materials.

Also, treated hair from products like perms, bleaches or dyes will not provide reliable results, according to Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab. The GSDL thus suggests waiting two months before participating a hair analysis.

Seeing firsthand the effects of using a hair analysis along with blood tests and other monitoring techniques, I believe the hair analysis can be a reliable aid in getting on the road to better health. However, I found online several Web sites that advertised several hair analyses where hair could be sent to labs with results mailed to a participant. I caution those who utilize such methods because the Internet is so elusive that an individual may not be getting a qualified interpretation or one from an actual doctor.

But many medical doctors are not even trained to interpret hair analyses. Further, traditional medicine promotes a pharmaceutical philosophy rather than using a nutrition-based healing. Popping a pill to mask pain often ranks, in most commoners’ minds, over undergoing for some what may be a life change to altering food intake. A quick, easy fix in this busy generation is the accepted means solving a problem. Yet, any type of treatment, be it medication or supplements, costs what seems an inordinate amount of money.

Unfortunately, medical help operates as a business; and since literally just about everyone needs it or will need it, the price can be entirely ridiculous. I believe a suffering patient must remember this when choosing a course of action.

Weigh the options. Do extensive research. Become your own doctor because in the end, the decision you make can foreshadow your life or death.

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