PostHeaderIcon 6 Guest Blogging Do’s

By Terez Howard

Guest blogging is simple enough.  I’ve made it even simpler with this list of six guest blogging do’s:

Contact the person who runs the blog.  Why am I even mentioning this point?  Because if you’re not careful, you might shoot an e-mail to another guest blogger.  Don’t think that it can’t be done.  (I’ve done it!)

Be brief.  When you make a pitch and send a completed post, keep your purpose short and to the point.  Bloggers are busy.  Don’t take up their time with unnecessary filler.  State your purpose and move on.

Review your potential guest blogging blog.  Check back through recent posts to get a feel for the writing style and for the type of topics that would interest that blog’s audience.  Make sure to not create duplicate content.

Write a super interesting post.  Don’t throw together a junk post.  Don’t be general when you write.  Hone in on details that will interest and benefit that blog’s audience.

Follow up.  Jael mentioned how important following up is.  Like I already said, bloggers are busy.  They might have every intention of running your guest post.  They might just need a friendly, BRIEF reminder.

Check for comments.  After your post goes live, see if you got any comments to your post and respond promptly.  Show the blog’s owner that you appreciate the opportunity to be part of his/her blog.

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