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My daughter, Micah

By Terez Howard

I recently got my 3-year-old daughter a toy laptop computer, and my husband bought her a tool set that she’d been wanting.  Last year, she got a full toy kitchen, complete with pots, pans, fridge and stove.  But did you ever notice with children the things they love to play with don’t cost a cent?  In fact, the things Micah likes to play with are items that I would call garbage.

After dinner once, she pulled out what had become her favorite toy.  It wasn’t the computer or the tool set.  Oh no.  It was her telescope, known to we adults as an empty paper towel roll.  Usually, a telescope is put to the eye to see the sights.  Micah used her telescope to throw up at my refridgerator as if it were a basketball and the fridge housed some imaginary hoop.  This game made her sweat profusely and included her own continual pep talk.

This experience gave a whole new meaning to the saying, You can’t beat free.

Why write for free?

I am a writer.  I sell my services to make money.  So, why would I, a writer, ever write guest posts for nothing?

Joy R. Lynskey, who recently absorbed a company full of work-at-home, freelance writing mamas, put it so well in a recent e-mail to me.  She has these fresh freelancers guest post “to adjust to and get used to working for themselves, networking their own talents etc., and to gain helpful business relationships, back links and trackback types of recognition!”

Those two reasons again, but in my words:

  1. To get accustomed to running a business by involving oneself in networking
  2. To gain exposure via business relationships.

But new writers are not the only ones to benefit from guest posting.  Veteran freelancers, too, would not deny the benefits that come from exposure.  In fact, chances are that more experience bloggers have been involved in guest posting at one point in their careers.  Look at Jon Morrow!

Does it pay off?

Absolutely.  One guest blog post increased my Twitter followers sevenfold!  Read that story here.

I’m not saying that every guest blogger shares the exact same story as me.  But her efforts WILL pay off.  She will form relationships that will lead to writing gigs.  Thus, the payment.  She will also receive payment in the form of a learning experience.

The more you write, the more you learn about yourself and how to refine your personal voice.  The more you write for different blogs, the more opportunities you have to change your voice.  Yes, you don’t have to sound like the same person.  Different audiences like to hear different voices.

Is free writing sounding more like fun?  Maybe it’s just an empty paper towel roll… trash.  Or, maybe it’s a gem.

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