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This is a guest post by Dominique Goh.

Is it possible to single handedly handle both work and family? Would juggling the numerous task send one to an early burnout? There isn’t a clear answer or a model which would fit all families.  Most mothers will tilt the balance more in favour of the family, and I’m one of those.

Balancing between work and family is never an easy task. It is all about priorities and being efficient in your time usage. I do not claim to be able to perform exceedingly well at work or being able to maintain a spotless house with “picture perfect” kids. I try to carry out my work duties to the best of my abilities while paying special attention not to neglect the kids and families needs in the process.

For me, seeing my 3 darlings (2mths, 4yrs old and 6yrs old) having a well-rounded childhood is a great priority. I do not want to miss out on any phases of them growing up and want to be there for them when they need me.

Being an elementary school teacher, there are many different tasks that I have to handle on a daily basis. We have to educate our form class (42 pupils in my class) and attend to the various administrative duties and projects which the management throw at us. Marking 42 scripts of compositions, workbooks and test papers does take a great number of hours. I try to be efficient in marking by scheduling my marking during my free periods in school. If I find that my mind starts wandering or my speed gets slower, then it is time to change the activity which I had been doing so that I do not idle at my desk and waste the precious minutes.

After work, I will rush to the supermarket to buy groceries before rushing home to cook dinner before the boys return by school bus. It is rather tiring, but seeing them happily gobble down the dinner that I have prepared for them is really gratifying. Hearing them say “I like the dishes you cook tonight” really puts a smile to my face and makes all the effort I put in on a daily basis worth it.

As they say many small hands make the job easier. I make use of the small hands around the house to help with the laundry and cleaning up daily. Both the boys have been taught to help out with the household chores. We do the laundry and washing up together as a family after dinner. With them helping out, the chores get finished in half the time, and I use the time to catch up with them and find out how their day went. We also use the time spent together to plan on what we would like to eat for the remainder of the week or the activities we would like to do later before bedtime.

On the weekends, we spend the time as a family going for bicycle rides and taking walks in the park.  Even though the kids do need a lot of attention at this stage, I too schedule some time out for myself and couple time with hubby.  I feel that it is important to have time to recharge and spend time building and maintaining our marriage.

When the boys are in bed or if I do have spare time in the day I spend time adding posts to my blog – From Dominique’s Desk – where I blog about current issues, which are of interest to me and my kids.  If I am not blogging, I will be replying e-mails, helping out other parents with the parenting woes and problems they are facing setting up their own blogs.

How is a normal week in your life like?

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  • Paul Novak says:

    Hmm, first I have to remember what a normal week is like;)

    Myself, I am mired in that cycle of trying to get enough work done yet still have time for a life. Since I am aggressively working towards building a business, I tend to overtax myself at times and neglect personal and family time. Its been better lately, but there is certainly room for improvement. You have to admire folks who can get the job done and still take care of a family. No small feat there.

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