PostHeaderIcon Is Guest Blogging Really Worth It?

By Terez Howard

I’m going to say yes.  For the past two months, Jael and I have discussed the where’s, who’s, what’s, and why’s of guest blogging.  For those of you who like cold hard facts, consider the following stats directly from WordPress:

  • There are 15.1 million blogs hosted on as of November 2010.
  • According to Quantcast, over 260 million people worldwide visit one or more blogs every month, and they view over 2.3 billion pages on those blogs each month.
  • users publish about 500,000 new posts on an average day (and their readers leave 400,000 new comments every day).

People are blogging about everything, and people are reading about everything.

How do you get your slice of the pie?

You guessed it.  You guest blog.

Be selective about where you guest blog.  I am by no means saying to exclusively write for authoritative, higher PR blogs (although this is a plus!).  I am saying to write for blogs in your niche.  Mommy bloggers, guest post for other mommy bloggers.  Food blogger, guest post for other food bloggers.  Video game bloggers, you know what to do!

Try to make your voice heard across the spectrum.  Then, you become the authority in your niche.  You’re seen everywhere, writing about everything you know in your niche.

Is guest blogging really worth it to you now?

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2 Responses to “Is Guest Blogging Really Worth It?”

  • Rob Berman says:

    I am building a guest blogging strategy for 2011. Thanks for the food for thought. Is it more effective to have guest posts or for you to guest post?


  • thoward says:

    Rob, Thanks for stopping by.

    Personally, I believe that both are important. However, if I were to pick one over the other, I would say that it’s more advantageous for you to guest post. That way, you get maximum exposure.

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