PostHeaderIcon Frosted Good Stuff: Week 8 of Guest Blogging

By Terez Howard and Jael Strong

The end has arrived.  We commented, we e-mailed, we wrote original content.  Today concludes our guest blogging challenge.  How did we measure up?

Terez: I had the opportunity to guest blog for the following blogs:

Jael: My writing wasn’t as prolific as Terez’s, but I did enjoy writing for Successful Blog and Music Teachers Helper.

Terez: I learned that although I have my own voice and writing style, I tried to alter it slightly to appeal to each of the blogs I wrote for.  I specifically chose topics that I thought would interest the audience of these blogs, rather than writing what was on my mind and then submitting.

With some blogs, I pitched an idea first, and with others, I sent my post directly.

The best part about my guest blogging challenge: Every person I submitted a guest post to accepted it.

Why?  What did I do so special?  Here are my common sense strategies:

  • When possible, start a conversation with a blogger though blog commenting or e-mail before you submit a guest post.
  • Write an original, grammatically correct post with a particular blog’s audience in mind.
  • If you promised to write a post, instead of e-mailing one you may have already written, do so promptly.

Jael: I really enjoyed this challenge.  I didn’t get a response from everyone I queried, but that was partially my fault and I learned from that experience.  For example, I queried someone regarding a guest post, but didn’t get a response back.  I discovered later that I did get a response back via their comments section on their blog.  That delay cost me a post, I am sorry to say.

I felt really good about the guest posts that I did write and I truly enjoyed being exposed to a different set of readers.  Like Terez, I tried to really think about the audience, and I tried to put the best, most creative post out for my guest posts.

The most valuable thing that I learned from this challenge is that I want to try to be much more creative in my writing.  It is something that I value, but I don’t always put it into practice.   When I was writing for others though, I found that creativity was a top priority.  So, I need to bump up the creativity in all of my writing.

Overall, it was a great experience that I would recommend to any writer.  It does increase your visibility on the Internet, but more than that, it gives you the opportunity to write for diverse audiences, a boon to anyone who truly enjoys writing.

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