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By Jael Strong

When Jackson was in second grade, we spent hours every night doing homework. It was frustrating for all concerned. I know he wanted to play after school. I wanted him to play after school, but sometimes we wouldn’t be finished with the traumatic job of completing homework until well into the evening, and then it was too dark to play outside.

I had been tossing around the idea of home schooling Jackson for quite some time. One day when I was in the neighborhood, I decided to stop in and see how Jackson was doing at school. He didn’t know I was coming and neither did his teacher. It was the middle of math class when I peeked around the corner. What did I see? The teacher was lecturing in the front of the class and Jackson was in the back of the class looking around and pushing the eraser end of a pencil into his forehead. Obviously there was a focus problem and there were too many students for the teacher to take note of my son. It was then that I decided that the long nights of schoolwork were over. Why would I spend all night teaching him when I could simply spend my days doing it?

Four reasons to home school

This situation was the catalyst, but we all have really great reasons to home school our children. If you can find a way to arrange your life to home school your child, the benefits are tremendous. Of course, balancing our children’s education with the necessity of work, even if we do work from home, and other responsibilities can be a challenge. If this is something that your considering, here are some things to add to your “pros” list:

No. 1 – Home schooling allows you to take control of your child’s education. The manner and material taught in public schools do not necessarily equate to what you consider a good education. Home schooling affords you the opportunity to teach your child the things that are truly beneficial for them in a way that best suits their learning style.

No. 2 – Done correctly, home schooling equips students for life. On the other hand, public schools are becoming increasingly focused on standardized testing. What is the end result? In public schools, students are drilled so that they can pass standardized tests mandated by the state, but are not armed with the skills needed to succeed in the workforce.

No. 3 – You regulate the atmosphere. Individuals have a lot to say about socialization and home schooling. The implication made by many is that home schooled children do not have the association needed to grow socially. This is far from the truth. The fact is that as a home schooling parent, you can protect your child from destructive influences while at the same time provide positive association for your child.

No. 4 – With home schooling, you don’t miss the big moments. Parents wait anxiously for their child’s first words and first steps, but as our children grow older there are plenty of other milestones we miss because they are at school and we are somewhere else. As home schooling families, we get to see firsthand as our children get excited about learning and we get the hands-on experience of aiding them in that education.

There are countless other benefits to home schooling, including family togetherness and flexible scheduling. Home schooling Jackson has been a great boon, though not without its trials. Handling those challenges becomes part of the home schooling experience and an education for both parents and students. Considering home schooling as an educational option for your family is definitely worth your time.

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