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By Jael Strong

… is worth doing well.  Cliche, I know.  When a violin student first begins, they hang on every word. When you tell them to stand up straight, they stand up straight.  When you show them how to produce a good sound, they try their best to imitate you.  But somewhere along the line, the zeal grows dim, and they start to slouch, let their bow drift over the fingerboard, and generally tune out your voice.   So, I start to tell them, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

Most of them are too young to understand what I am telling them.  I think I say it mainly for myself, to convince myself that I am not demanding too much of them. Of course, I hope that over time, no matter what they do, these kids do grow up to put their best into everything.

What is my point?  At first, it may be exciting to guest post, so we put out our best work, our best effort.  Eventually though, we may start to write guest posts for the purpose of promotion and fail to do our best work.  This is a bad trend.  What is the point: avoid that trend.

First, check out all of our posts from November and December. These posts contain great advice on how to go about guest posting from start to finish.  Next, always do your best writing for others.  Check, and double check, your writing for grammatical errors. Keep within the length requirements set forth by the person for whom you are blogging.  Give them something that shows you respect their blog as much as you respect your own.

There is no point in writing poorly for others.  It doesn’t matter how many key words with which you sprinkle your writing, or how often you plug your professional site. If you don’t write well, it won’t mean a thing to your readers. 

As we have highlighted so many times throughout these past two months, you have to do your homework.  Make yourself appealing to other bloggers by always writing well and on topic.  As others read your work, you become someone they want as a writer, not just someone to fill in the pages. 

The cliche is true.  If it isn’t worth your time to do things the right way, it isn’t worth your time to do it at all.  Every new piece of writing should be great, even better than the last.  Enjoy what you do, and always do it well.

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Jael Strong is a writer for TheWriteBloggers, a company dedicated to creating professional blogging content for increased internet visibility.

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