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By Jael Strong

Usually around this time of year, there is a lot of talk of New Year’s Resolutions.  People feel that the beginning of the year is a good time to start over and reinvent who they are, how they act, what shape they take, etc.  I don’t subscribe to that particular philosophy; there is no magic to the new year. 

I do believe in constant reevaluation though, not just as a writer, but in all aspects of life.  This has its positives and this has its negatives.  The plus side?  There is always room for improvement.  I acknowledge this fact and constantly work toward that end.  The down side?  I never experience the feeling of being settled.  That feeling of perpetual motion is a bit unnerving.

How does this relate to freelance writing?  As we stand on the precipice of a new year, we find ourselves asking again, what more do we need to do as freelance writers?  What changes should we make in our writing routine?  It isn’t truly the new year that brings about these questions.  In fact, we have asked these questions of ourselves several times throughout the year.  This time in history seems just as good as any to reevaluate our writing needs and wants.

We have to ask ourselves some tough questions:  Do I enjoy what I am doing?  Do I write the things that I love to write, in a way that I want to write?  Is the effort that I am putting forth worth the return?  Am I honestly putting forth the effort that I should?  These are just some questions necessary for an honest self-examination as a writer. 

Once we have honestly answered these questions, then we have to decide what to do with that information.  We can file it away and do nothing with it.  Better still, we can use the answers to develop new outlooks and game plans for the coming months.  Remember, this isn’t just a new year thing.  This can be done any old day of the year.

What is the result of my self-examination?  I’m a creativity nut!  I don’t feel though that I am creative enough in my blogs.  So, I would like to develop more creative posts that still retain their relevance to the real-world.  How do I do that?  Good question!  I have to try to step out of the standard forms, but I don’t want to alienate readers.  Developing this ability will be my goal over the next several months.

How do you self-assess?  What types of goals do you have for the coming months?  How do you feel a balance between creativity and relevance can be struck?  Talk to us!

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Jael Strong is a writer for TheWriteBloggers, a company dedicated to creating professional blogging content for increased internet visibility.

2 Responses to “Revinventing, Again”

  • Melanie says:

    Hi, Just found your site through My Blog Guest,and I’ve just read the article above, & found it very thought provoking. I’ve been learning about IM for about a year now, and I decided to try writing my short term goals and ideas down for this year – which I didn’t realise would be beneficial, but it’s really helped me to focus. I’m bookmarking this site, so I can come back to read more!

  • Jael Strong says:

    Great! We look forward to hearing more from you. Please, let us know how things go as you reach for your goals.

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