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By Terez Howard

Three words: MyBlog Guest

First, I have to tell you how I met Ann Smarty, the brains behind the guest blogging operation. She made a comment on my blog when I started my guest blogging challenge last year. She so generously invited me to promote my challenge at My Blog Guest.

The place for bloggers by bloggers

I wanted to find a guest blogger or two for Freelance Writing Mamas, and I wanted to help other bloggers out by providing my own original content.  A couple days after I started my forum thread, nearly 100 hundred people viewed it, and about a dozen responded to me in the thread and personally through e-mail.

I was excited to hear that other guest bloggers wanted to share in my guest blogging challenge.  These people wanted to write, and I wanted to write for them.  I very easily sparked relationships through one simple message.

But there’s more.

How to find a good guest blogger

I found good guest bloggers through the forum.  But My Blog Guest makes it easy to find a good guest blogger, no matter what niche you cover.  You can search bloggers’ tags to find the one that best suits your blog.

Or, Ann made it even easier by allowing searchers to start a thread outlining what type of blogger they are looking for.  You can even post a paid blogging gig.  Then, just wait for the bloggers to come to you.  All of this for FREE!

This forum also can be used if you are looking to guest blog for others.  People oftentimes are looking for writers on just about any subject under the sun.  Many of these opportunities pay in exposure, rather than dollars and cents.  This experience can be more valuable than the latter.

Guest bloggers, take advantage of what Ann has created for you.

When you guest blog…

Remember to:

  • Read over a blog before you try to write for it.  There’s no need to send over duplicate content.
  • Write original, interesting content that people want to read.
  • Write information that relates to the blog.  Don’t write about solar panels on a dog training blog.
  • Don’t be a link hog.  There’s no need to put link after link after link in your guest posts.  Be discreet, or don’t include any at all in the body.  A link or two in the author box will suffice.
  • Check back on a guest post for comments and comment on any comments that merit a response.

Content is king

I don’t know how many times I’ve read that sentence.  I firmly believe that stellar content takes a blog from good to better.  But, I think that royal content doesn’t only need to be on your blog.  It should be showcased across the world wide web for other eyes to see.  This wide exposure will draw people to you in masses.

You can do this by utilizing the user-friendly My Blog Guest forum.

My Blog Guest

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