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By Jael Strong

Finding inspiration for writing is one of the fundamental difficulties that writer’s face.  Fiction writing is no exception.  It doesn’t matter what the disclaimers say, fiction often finds its inspiration in real people and circumstances; the similarities to real people and places is not coincidental.  At best, fiction has autobiographical elements.  More often than not, our characters are composed of traits and quirks found in real people and they are influenced by the same events and circumstances that shape us.

As a fiction writer, I often take note of the events that occur in society in general. Additionally, I observe the personal events common to life and note the reactions of individuals to those events.  Incorporating various reactions into a new, independent character is a great place to start.

For example, “The Death of Bomber”, from today’s post, began with the response of Harold to some upsetting event.  At first, I didn’t know the event, the setting, or who the various characters would be.  I had observed maniacal laughter in response to disturbing news and used that as a springboard for the story.  A small personality quirk or basic reaction, may be all that is necessary to spark a new story or character.

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