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This is a guest post by Alan Rosinski.

Social bookmarking sites can be very useful in backlinking strategies. It’s a good way to kick start a link building campaign. Building backlinks quickly with social bookmarking websites can get your site indexed by Google fast. It’s known by SEO professionals that domain age is a factor that is used to rank websites in search engines. Google determines the age of a domain by when it first finds a link to it so getting fast links with social bookmarking websites is a good way to make sure your site is in the index and ready to climb the SERPS.

So what are social bookmarks?

Social bookmarking sites are made so that users can bookmark their favorite links on a list through their account on the social bookmarking site. These links are made publicly available to the other users of the site and can sometimes be voted up and down in popularity. This can be really helpful if your link gets enough votes to appear on the homepage of the website. The homepages of social bookmarking websites get a lot of traffic and are seen by a lot of users. If your link makes it to the homepage, you can expect to see a flood of traffic to your site, which is never a bad thing.

Where to submit

There are thousands of social bookmarking sites out there. It would be impossible to submit to them all. Instead, choose from a select few that have high page rank and get good amounts of traffic. It’s also important to consider how often Google crawls certain sites. I’ve submitted links and had them crawled in less than a few hours. Yes, Google does crawl some of these sites THAT MUCH. Here’s some of my favorite sites to submit to.


Digg currently has a page rank of 8 and gets massive amounts of traffic each month. Digg literally has MILLIONS of pages indexed by Google. This is often one of the first sites to index my link when I submit to multiple sites. Getting on the Digg homepage takes a really great post. If you’re trying to make it to the homepage, try to remember to post things that people naturally want to share. Don’t always post your own content. Submit articles from authority sites and major news sites so that people see you link to credible sources. The problem with Digg is that more than half of the stories that make it to the homepage are submitted by the top 100 digg users. Nevertheless, Digg is a great site to get your link out there and indexed quickly.


Reddit is similar to Digg and is also said to be less flawed. It seems much easier to get links to the homepage and almost anyone can do it if they post a good enough link. From what I’ve seen, Reddit users like funny posts that they can make inside jokes about and post images with those inside jokes on them. If you post something interesting and funny that the Reddit community can make their own, you have a good chance of making it on the homepage. Reddit can also very quick with indexing.


Stumbleupon seems to be popular with college students. Getting indexed with Stumbleupon comes easy because this is another site that Google loves and craws frequently. The great thing about Stumbleupon is that links are randomly “stumbled upon” by users with the click of a button. This means than anyone could land on something posted on the site. If the owner of a well-established site stumbles upon your post, you could be in for some serious traffic. Here are a few other social bookmarking sites that will help with getting links indexed quickly.


Y! Buzz




When you submit your link, make sure to submit it to multiple sites for maximum exposure and to get the most backlinks possible. That’s the main goal when it comes to social bookmarking link building. You want to get your link out there and indexed fast so you can begin ranking in the SERPS.

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