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This post contains affiliate ads… for good reason.

By Terez Howard

I became a professional blogger one year ago.  I thought this career move was a great fit, considering my past love of writing columns for the newspaper.  I have enjoyed blogging here, guest blogging and getting paid to blog for others.

Many writers wonder how you can possibly get paid to do what you love.  I’m not here to tell you what should do.  I don’t have any secrets that you haven’t already heard.  I am going to tell you what has worked for me and the one, best choice I’ve made that WILL grow my online business.

The beginning

First and foremost, you have to try.  I became interested in making money online when I worked for a West Virginia newspaper.  Once I stopped working there in 2007, I started checking into how I could write online.  During these past four years, I have been blown away by my options as a writer.

Some of my interests included writing for an online or print newspaper or magazine, copywriting, blogging, content writing, website writing, ghostwriting, proofreading and editing.  Within each of these fields is the possibility to become proficient in a super tight niche.

What was I going to do?  Well, in my quest to find the best fit, I stumbled upon Internet marketing (IM).  I learned about affiliate marketing, AdSense, pay-per-click and so forth.  I was blown away by the possibilities.  I thought this was the perfect way to make money and utilize my writing experience.

Introduction to Xfactor

After perusing the Warrior Forum one day, I came across a man named John who called himself Xfactor.  He was making $300 to $500 a day at the time (much more today) by building micro niche AdSense websites.  I was intrigued by his manner.  He wasn’t just trying to get you to buy something, like everyone else; he genuinely wanted to share what worked for him.  Long story short, I bought his book and got to work writing, building and promoting.

I’m not going to get into the nuts and bolts of the AdSense operation.  Basically, I built about a dozen websites, and they earned a steady amount of money.  I didn’t touch them for a year, and before the Christmas of 2010, I earned over $400 a month on them.

When I told my husband, he said, “You need to do more of those.”  He was right.  Just about the time I decided to get back into the AdSense game, John came out with another book.

The plan unfolds

I learned that his new book, Xfactor’s Authority Site AdSense Guide, was going to teach me how to create, promote and make decent money on an authority website.  Since he was making 6 figures on one of his authority websites and managed to make $100 per day on several other test websites, I figured that I could make some money on my own authority website.  I knew I could.

So, I got to work planning.  I scripted an 18-month plan, which combines information I learned from that book and from other successful bloggers, like Jon Morrow and Jennifer Mattern.  I’m not even two months into my plan, but currently have half of my website content completed, or about 35 pages of 750-word articles.

The best choice

So, you’re probably thinking that the best choice I made to grow my online business was buying John’s book and following his advice.  I would answer yes, those are major tools for my business.  But no, that was not my best choice.  His book is amazing, and he is the most honest individual I’ve ever met online.  I’m very thankful for the information he’s shared.  His information is only part of the equation.

My best choice to grow my business was to make a plan and stick to it.  I’ve read over and over again about the importance of scheduling time for your business and visualizing your business as a success.

The truth is: I didn’t know where my online business was going.  Presently, I make money writing for a national online magazine, editing for an international mystery shopper company and from my AdSense websites.  But I never saw what was going to happen to me.

Now, I know.  I have a big, detailed, 18-month plan.  I have that plan divided into chunks.  For instance, I want to have my content completed at the end of three months.  I want to build and design my own website in one month.  Then, I have a monthly goal for promotion over an 8-month period.  That would conclude my first year.  After that, I have a 5-month challenge plan and1-month follow-up/reward, as well as more and more promotion.

Those monthly plans are broken down on a weekly desk calendar, which I update every week.  My life is so busy that I can’t specifically make plans any further than two weeks into the future.  Each day, I’m excited to do work on something I know will benefit my audience.

John gave me the motivation and necessary guidance to make it work.  But, I armed myself with one of the things I do best – organization.  That is what your business needs.  Clear-cut, detailed, play-by-play planning to get you where you want to, or rather WILL, be.

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Terez Howard operates TheWriteBloggers, a professional blogging service which builds clients’ authority status and net visibility.

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  • paul novak says:

    Great post Terez. Funny because I just posted about how disorganized I am. You’ve got me ready to take another look at adsense and niche’ sites.

  • thoward says:

    AdSense and Niche sites are absolutely amazing. I could not believe how well my sites have done over the past year. I figure that since they have made more money than my other writing income last year, I should devote some time that work. I’m excited for this year!

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