PostHeaderIcon When Burgess Sends You Grape Vines, Make Wine

By Terez Howard

You know that exhilarating feeling you get when you see an unexpected package on your front porch. I had that feeling on Saturday morning. Inside a red plastic bag were two fruit trees and two grape vines I ordered weeks ago. I didn’t know today was their arrival date. No notification. No e-mail.

That’s OK, I thought. I’ll have plenty of time to dig a hole for these babies. Wrong. These dormant plants needed to go into the ground in 2 to 24 hours, and my schedule was far from open. But surely, I could make time to dig four little holes. Little? No. The holes had to be twice as long and as deep as their roots. All right. I can take an hour or two to dig large holes.

Nope. It didn’t end. Burgess’ manual suggests mixing your soil with organic matter and top soil, two products this gardening newbie didn’t have lying around the house. Time for a trip to Lowe’s. After I got everything I needed, including a reliable shovel and wire fencing, I realized my one hour dig turned into an afternoon job.

Organize and prioritize

When your business assignments multiply or unforeseen projects take shape, take a moment to organize and prioritize. When my neatly packed day of blogging and spending time with my toddler was turned upside down by an unexpected package, I stopped everything to map out my new day. When you’re day is thrown topsy turvey, I suggest you do the following:

  1. Make a list of everything what you want to accomplish that day.
  2. Estimate how much time each task will take.
  3. Number the list from most important to least important.
  4. Research what you need to.
  5. Get started on the list.

I did the above and even though I didn’t complete my list, I accomplished the most I could have under my circumstances. The vines are in, and the trees will go in later today.

No wine… yet

Completing or partially-finishing a list might not equate to wine to you. But you will feel satisfied that you stood in fire and didn’t burn.

My vines are little more than twigs in the ground. I won’t be reaping anything for a couple years, I believe. But I think my day was semi-sweet with a hint of frustration. With its overwhelming aroma, I served it with an optimistic mindset.  Best chilled.

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